Favorite book formats

Favorite book formats

I learned to read at a young age and preferred the company of books real people in my younger years. I didn’t particularly care if the book was for informational, educational or recreational purposes. I loved to read. I still do. In those days, books were mostly one format: physical. A book cover with some color and white thin sheets inside.

Now we can choose between different formats:


I love eBooks. I really do!

They’re usually cheaper than print. You don’t have to wait to have them shipped to you – instant gratification. You don’t have to keep getting more bookcases. Since the eBook I’ve read hundreds of books a year, which I couldn’t have done if I bought print copies of them all.

They’re convenient, too. It saves me a lot of suitcase space when traveling. When I find myself waiting for something or someone, I open my kindle app on my phone and I can continue reading where I left off.


About two to three years ago I discovered audiobooks.

What an amazing creation. Audiobooks help me through the day. A long commute from work to home? No problem, I’ll listen to my audiobook. Tedious chores like cleaning? So much easier with an audiobook. Too tired to read but too restless to sleep? Audiobook!

Physical books

A couple of times a year I still buy books.

Somehow, I’ve never been fond of lending books. Partly because I like to reread books when I feel like it. Partly it’s because I’m quite possessive when it comes to books. The thing is my husband refuses to buy a bigger house so we could fit more bookcases in it. But I love the smell and feel of a book. The easy way you can go back and reread a part.

I love the way books can take my mind off things. I love the way they allow me to picture the scenes and the characters. A good book, whether in physical, digital or audio format, will be always welcomed and cherished by me.