First Chapter Kinking Kimberly

First Chapter Kinking Kimberly

Enjoy this sneak peek into the third book in my Doms in Uniform Series.

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Karen Nappa

Love, friendship, and the haunting shadows of the past

After having been apart for over a decade, Kimberly and Kevin’s paths converge again. With a shared history and unspoken yearnings, they find themselves drawn to each other amidst the chaotic and passionate world of Thorns and Roses.

As they navigate the complexities of love and relationships, Kimberly and Kevin must confront their pasts and overcome the obstacles that threaten to tear them apart. From the shadows of a dangerous ex-boyfriend to the allure of forbidden desires, they are tested in ways they never expected.

As their story unfolds, a new conflict emerges, raising the question can love conquer even the darkest of challenges?

Kinking Kimberly mentions PTSD and EMDR therapy, contains flashbacks to active duty, and includes a kidnapping which contains a non-consensual BDSM scene which might trigger memories or be uncomfortable to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter One

Kimberly Green stepped out of her vehicle and inhaled deeply, filling her lungs with the cool, misty air of Seattle. Battling her tears, she closed her car door, and took in the familiar sight of her childhood home. It had been almost two years since she left this neighborhood, but now she was back. A sense of both nostalgia and uncertainty washed over her as she made her way up the pathway to the front door.

The gray sky above seemed to mirror the somber emotions within her. A light drizzle had left a glistening sheen on the pavement, making every step feel like a hesitant journey into her past. As Kimberly approached the front door, she noticed the cracks in the concrete path, remnants of her teenage years when she used to skate with her friends. The worn-out welcome mat, now faded and frayed, served as a reminder of the countless times she had wiped her muddy shoes before entering. She hesitated for a moment, her hand hovering above the doorknob as memories of her past flooded her mind.

Echoes of her brother’s laughter and the sound of his basketball bouncing, and giggles and whispers exchanged with her sister seemed to hang in the air—as did the scent of her mom’s cooking. The ever-present Seattle mist lent an ethereal quality to the surroundings, as if the very air was infused with the moments she had left behind.

Before she could gather her thoughts, the front door swung open, revealing her father standing there with a warm smile. His strong presence gave Kimberly a sense of security. Her father might be retired now, but to her, it was like he still wore the detective’s badge on his chest and his body was fit and strong despite his age.

“Welcome home,” he said, his voice filled with paternal love and pride.

Behind him, her mother appeared, her gentle smile lighting up her face. The years had only added grace to her mother’s presence as a stay-at-home nurturer. “We’ve missed you,” her mom said, and opened her arms wide for a hug.

As Kimberly stepped into the embrace of her family, the Seattle’s weather reflected her emotions—tearful goodbyes and the cleansing of past sorrows. Yet, beneath the dreary skies, there was a sense of hope, like the promise of a rainbow after the rain. Kimberly sought a fresh start, and perhaps, in this familiar place, she would find the strength to begin anew.

Stepping over the threshold, a wave of comfort washed over her. Inside, the familiar scent of freshly brewed coffee mingled with the aroma of her mother’s cooking. It surrounded her, bringing back cherished moments of laughter and shared meals around the kitchen table. The sound of her father’s voice, booming with pride as he spoke of her accomplishments, echoed in her ears. Their love and support were palpable, a shelter from the storm she had faced.

After a cup of coffee and quiet conversation, Kimberly excused herself. Although the bone-deep tiredness had lifted on entering her childhood home, she was still drained from traveling.

Her footsteps echoed through the hallway as they led her to her childhood bedroom. As she pushed the door open, the room greeted her with a wave of bittersweet nostalgia. The walls, once adorned with posters of her favorite bands, now bore the traces of her absence. Her father had transformed a corner of the room into a mini-library, showcasing his love for crime novels, while her mother had kept the other side neat and tidy, with reminders of her childhood achievements.

Kimberly sank onto the narrow bed, the worn-out mattress enveloping her in a familiar embrace. She kicked off her shoes and went to lie on her back. She closed her eyelids, the weight of her experiences at the Mayo Clinic still fresh in her mind. The long hours spent in the operating room saving lives, were overshadowed by the constant presence of her ex-boyfriend, his toxic behavior poisoning the once-fulfilling work she loved.

Kimberly inhaled through her nose, held her breath, slowly exhaled and took stock of her life. She had just turned forty, was not unattractive, and was single with an awesome resume.

Always driven by an insatiable ambition, she’d left the routine of her previous job for a position at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. For the first year or so, it seemed like the right decision. 

In Rochester, she had poured her dedication and expertise into the field of cardiovascular surgery. The familiar halls became a canvas for her skills, each patient’s life a testament to her passion for healing. It was there, amidst the flurry of surgeries and demanding cases, that she met Jonathan. With his captivating charm and shared devotion to their craft, he had swept her off her feet.

Six months into their whirlwind romance, Jonathan proposed, and Kimberly eagerly accepted. In a haze of excitement and anticipation, she left behind her old life and moved in with him, believing that their love would only flourish in their shared home and careers. However, as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, the cracks in their relationship began to deepen.

The once vibrant and promising partnership turned sour, poisoned by Jonathan’s toxic behavior. The demands and expectations he placed on Kimberly left her feeling suffocated and diminished. Her dreams and aspirations took a backseat as she struggled to navigate the minefield of their relationship. The spark that had ignited their love fizzled out, replaced by resentment and unhappiness.

Eight months after his proposal, Kim returned his ring and moved out of his brownstone and into a tiny apartment, thinking that would be the end of it. And it might have been for her, but Jonathan proved to be of another mind.

Hot tears stung her eyes, and she pressed her lips together.

Each day became a relentless battle, the walls of the Mayo Clinic closing in on her as she encountered Jonathan and his dirty tricks and nasty comments at every turn. The very place that once held the promise of fulfillment became a haunting reminder of her heartache. The atmosphere grew tense and stifling, her passion for her work overshadowed by the emotional turmoil she endured.

She sighed and turned to her side, pulling up her knees to her chest.

It was a painful lesson, one that taught Kimberly the cost of sacrificing her own happiness for the sake of a relationship. As she reflected on the broken pieces of her past, she resolved to reclaim her autonomy, her dreams, and her sense of self. 

But as she lay there, the warmth of her parents’ love seeped into her very being. Their unwavering support and understanding offered her solace, reminding her of the strength she possessed. 

Kim wiped away the remnants of tears from her cheeks. She knew the journey ahead would be challenging, but the familiar sights, scents, and the loving embrace of her parents gave her the strength to face whatever awaited. She pushed herself upright and took a few steps to stare out of the window.

Kimberly gazed out over the familiar landscape stretching out before her. The towering evergreen trees in the backyard whispered secrets of resilience, their branches swaying in the wind as if urging her to break free from the previous months. The streets she once traversed with wide-eyed, childish wonder now beckoned her, promising a path toward the happiness she had dreamed about. A glimmer of hope and a flicker of anticipation for the next chapter of her life to unfold sparked inside her. And this time, she would thrive, supported by the unwavering love of her family.

Her parents had always created a warm and loving environment for their family. Her father, a cop through and through, had instilled in her a sense of justice and a strong work ethic. Her mother had provided a nurturing and supportive presence throughout her childhood.

Kimberly’s gaze drifted to the family photos lining the wall. Smiling faces captured in moments of joy and togetherness. Memories flooded back reminding her of the happy times they had shared as a family. But along with those memories came the weight of her own unfulfilled desires.

Not a person to dwell, she squared her shoulders and picked up one of her suitcases.

As she unpacked her belongings and settled into her childhood bedroom, she couldn’t shake the memories and unresolved feelings. Seattle, her hometown, held a myriad of recollections, both joyful and painful. The streets whispered tales of youthful dreams and aspirations, of friendships forged and lost, and of love that had bloomed and withered away. Being back in this place, where her roots ran deep, stirred emotions she had buried for far too long. Kimberly longed to break free from the shackles of the past and find the happiness she had been yearning for.

With a determined squaring of her shoulders, she made a silent promise to herself to seize this opportunity for a fresh start. This was her chance to pursue her dreams, establish a successful career, and perhaps even find a love that was deserving of her. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow over her childhood home, Kimberly knew her journey toward a more exciting and fulfilling life was just beginning.

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