Read for free

Read for free

While COVID-19 still disrupts society, people are getting bored and antsy in their houses, we want to provide you with a distraction... completely free!

Download your free distraction here.

When an author provides an ARC, they expect an honest review in return. When a reader downloads a free book and consents to be added to the author's email list, the reader gives their email address in return.

We've provided (and will provide) several free books since we've started publishing and in different ways:

  • Read to review copies (ARC)
  • Audiobook codes (listen to review copies)
  • Free (short) stories when you sign on to our newsletter

What we've realized is we want to give something, without expecting anything back.

Although we love reviews and subscribers, we wanted to give readers something without expecting anything in return, so we made Sonja's Confession free and available most everywhere.

So go to your favorite retailer and download Sonja's Confession. It's free, just like the label reads and we don't expect anything in return. (Of course, you're totally welcome to review it or download another freebie from our website and join our newsletter if you like what we write, but that's not what this is about.)

We hope you'll enjoy our gift and distraction from everything going on in the world.

Download Sonja's Confession free of charge and start reading today!