Cherished: The Birth of a Story

Cherished: The Birth of a Story


When we started on our writing journey, we wanted to add something to the wealth of books that are already on the market. It’s our goal to write as realistically as possible about BDSM and a lot of scenes we’ve either experienced or witnessed. We also longed for mature characters, because when you’re in your forties and fifties, like we are, it’s tiresome to only read about twenty-something characters. We thought that there were probably other readers who would also be interested in reading about characters who were like themselves in age. So that’s why we write Seasoned BDSM Romance with HEA.

Cherished started with Claudia witnessing a scene at her favorite BDSM club – you can read it in the opening of the book BTW. The dynamic between the Daddy-Dom and his little was so interesting she wrote a scene about it on her way back home. Thankfully her Master was driving 😊!

It’s our goal to show different sides of the lifestyle – because BDSM comes in as many flavors as the people that practice it – and show it in a context of normal people with normal lives. After a Dom (James in Trapped), a Sadist (Connor in Trusted) and a Master (Jim in Appreciated) as a main character now it’s time for Derek, a Daddy-Dom. Our next story is about Kinbaku and preparations are in full swing.

Ellen: Writing Cherished gave me a reason to explore age play. While I don’t think it’s my kink, I have begun to understand some things that had previously been mysterious to me, like the trend of coloring books for adults. I’m not always sure why or how I end up working on a specific story. Our first book was easy in one sense, we started it almost as a joke and didn’t really think anyone would be interested in publishing it. But once we started writing, we knew that we wanted to write books that would show a community of characters. Each of our books is set in the same place and the characters appear in each other’s stories. We’re not the first to write this kind of series, of course, but it’s one of the things that makes our books strong.

Claudia: This book made me love Sonja and understand she deserves to be cherished. I actually didn’t like her in the first book (Trapped). She grew on me in Trusted (book 2) where she and main character Suzie become business partners in a café. I only realized she was a Little when I wrote the age play scene and Sonja came to mind. I hope the readers will love her (and Derek) as much as I do.

Five fun facts

Things we have and don’t have in common

  1. We’re both sassy, headstrong submissives.
  2. No one will play Trivial Pursuit with us.
  3. We both lost a lot of weight and are now trying hard to keep it off.
  4. We both share our homes with two sibling cats (each pair is male and female, too).
  5. We’re both avid readers. Obviously!


  1. Nappa likes metal and Karen likes singer-songwriters
  2. Nappa likes modern technology and Karen would rather still be in the 20th century
  3. Nappa learned four modern and two ancient languages, Karen stuck to English
  4. Nappa likes action packed thrillers. Karen likes old movie musicals.
  5. Nappa frequents BDSM clubs for almost a decade and she got Karen to actually try at BDSM