“I wanted a baby, but I never thought I would end up pregnant by a man ten years younger than I am.”

“I wanted a baby, but I never thought I would end up pregnant by a man ten years younger than I am.”

Building an engine, or winning the cup, is all in a day’s work for race car driver Mickey White. Winner of seven national races and headliner at Sunshine Days, Mickey should be happy, but her biological clock tells her that at thirty-four, her chances at having a baby are running out. Can she have her career and a baby?

Youngest of the infamous Westland brothers, Evan was born with wealth and opportunity. Mechanic extraordinaire, he dabbles in several areas, but isn’t overly serious about anything—until her. Evan wants the fiery Mickey White… He wants her in his bed, in his life, and maybe even as his wife. Can he convince her to take a chance on being a true father to their baby?

USA Today bestselling author, S. Cinders, brings you a super steamy age gap romance filled with the characters you love from the Sweet & Steamy Lunch Hour series.

I felt my cheeks heat as we all watched the incredibly handsome man enter the diner and walk straight up to where I was sitting.

“It’s my turn now.” I don’t know how those four brief words made me wet, but I definitely was.

He reached a hand out, and I placed my hand in his.

“Fucking hell, that was hot,” I heard Sue whisper to Lia.

A small smile broke across my face, but I didn’t comment. I let Evan help me put on my jacket and then we turned to leave.

My quickly hurled goodbye was met with a round of giggles and a few raunchy comments.

I couldn’t help the laughter that escaped my lips.

“Are you mad at me for breaking up girl’s night?”

Evan asked, coming in close enough that his lips brushed against my ear.

I felt a shiver of awareness racing through me. My panties were certainly ruined.

“I wondered what was taking you so long,” I replied honestly.

He turned and gathered me in his arms. “I wanted to make sure you were ready for this.”

I wasn’t sure if we were still talking about girl’s night or something much bigger than that. But it hardly mattered because the next moment, Evan bent his head and captured my lips with his.

I wanted more of him

My fingers went to the hem of his shirt and then slipped underneath to feel his warm flesh. My nipples were hard peeks, and I desperately wanted my clothing to disappear. Only instead of ripping my clothes off, Evan was pulling backward. I tried to follow him, but his height caused our kiss to break. I looked up in confusion and saw that he was looking daggers and something behind me.

I turned in his arms and saw the women from girl’s night making kissy faces at us. There were several with their arms around their waists pretending to be teenagers making out. I should have been horrified. But it made me laugh.

Evan, seeing that I wasn’t upset, smiled and said, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“Uncle Evan! Why is your door locked?”

My nephew banged on the hallway door as I jerkily came awake. I was immediately aware of two things. I was hard as a rock, thanks to the pert ass that was nestled up against my dick, and the other was that I wasn’t alone. Or perhaps that’s one thing. Who’s counting?

“Hey buddy,” I called out groggily. “Can you give me a minute?”

“You promised, Uncle Evan,” he whined. “You said you’d come and take me fishing today.”

Mickey stirred and then stretched. Her amazing ass coming back in contact with my dick as she not so innocently caressed it.

“You’re playing with fire,” I whispered in her ear.

“Looks like you’ve got a fishing date,” she whispered back, her eyes sparkling.

“I don’t even know how to fish,” I grumbled. And she laughed, the sound so free and beautiful that it made my chest hurt.

Her curls were a tangled mess and there was a mark across her cheek from where she’d slept. I don’t know when I have ever seen anyone so beautiful. Call me crazy, but she was it for me.

A smile bigger than the horse farm spread across my face

“You know, in order to have a baby, it takes a lot of practice.”

She rolled her hips, causing my cock to rub against her deliciously that had me cursing.

“Don’t let me keep you from your homework,” she teased.

Mickey blushed violently and rolled against my chest

“Does everyone know I’m here?”

It was hard to keep my good mood out of my tone. “Undoubtedly, half the town will know when David tells everyone Uncle Evan had a sleepover. How do you think we found out about Colby and Lia? With a kid in the house, nothing is scared.”

“Are we ready for that?” She asked softly, worried in the depths.

“We are ready for anything as long as we have each other,” I murmured, and then convinced her to practice one more time before we faced the family.

What do reviewers say about the Sweet & Steamy Lunch Hours Series

This was way more about the sexy times than the sweet but this was still enjoyable. I love S. Cinders so I will always promote her greatness. Give this a chance if you have a lunch break and need a little razzle dazzle!! - Amazon Review

Colby and Lia have been friends since they were in kindergarten. Both secretly liking the other, but not wanting to ruin their friendship. When Lia becomes distressed, Colby is there for her, and they cross the lines of their friendship, and Colby’s determined that he’s not letting her go. Colby and Lia were likable and engaging, their chemistry was palpable, and for a short story the characters were surprisingly well fleshed out. A great curvy girl romance, with an entertaining storyline, plenty of steam, and love. - Amazon Review

This book was soo much fun. It's a short insta love book. Wonderful characters and funny scenes.” - Goodreads Review

“VALUE YOURSELF - This is a wonderful friends to lovers story. It has all the good feelings to give your day a quick lift!” - Goodreads Review

S. Cinders

USA Today Bestselling Author S. CINDERS, is a multi-genre romance author of over fifty titles. S. CINDERS writes paranormal, contemporary, historical, fantasy, sci-fi romances. You can find her historical romances under Spencer Cinders. S. CINDERS loves baked goods, decorating shows, and hanging out with her family. She's also a lover of all thing romance.

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