awaken your sensual side

awaken your sensual side

I think an author reaches a point where it is automatic to write, the stories just flow. I don't have to get inspired, I simply am, all the time. I guess I'm lucky that way.

Meet Rogue London

Romance Author, coffee drinker, nature lover

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Rogue London is an author of naughty romance designed to awaken your sensual side.

Rogue writes under a few different pen names had has been on the Washington Post best sellers list under her retired pen name N.M.McGregor.

Under the pen name, Skylar West, Rogue runs a romance podcast with multi-award winner Ann Jensen. They discuss all things romance and have amazing guests on their weekly podcast show. 

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I was working myself up to my first orgasm when I heard the front door open and close. I quickly pulled my hand out of my pants and the other from under my shirt.

“Hi,” I yelled out. “I’m studying. Be out later.” No response; that was weird. What the hell?

“Mom? Dad?” I put my laptop down and, taking one last glance at the screen Langden, who seemed to be talking to me from the page, his boujee vibe causing me to roll my eyes.

“What are you rolling your eyes at, little girl?”

“Holy hell!” I screeched, jumping. Had I been a cat, here was no doubt my claws would be embedded in the ceiling. “What the fuck? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

Langden’s eyes darkened, looking more like smudges in his tanned face instead of the arctic grey from earlier.

“I repeat, what are you rolling your eyes at?”

I lunged for the laptop to snap it shut, but he was faster and snatched it from my hands. He gazed at my screen while I burned with shame. Now he would know I was checking him out. I groaned. Could this day get any worse?

New and upcoming releases

International Daddies: A Multicultural Daddy Dom Anthology

Daddies worth crossing the world for.
When freak weather conditions bring Heathrow International Airport to a standstill, it’s not long before red hot chemistry sends stranded travelers into each other’s arms.
Hot cowboys, ruthless mobsters and handsome dominants from all over the globe suddenly find themselves with plenty of time to indulge their darkest desires.
As the temperatures drop, these Daddy Doms turn up the heat without ever touching the thermostat.
With a total of ten stories from your favorite new and old Daddy Dom authors there’s something for everyone in this smoldering collection of panty-melting tales.

His Pennsylvania Princess

Five years ago, the only woman I ever loved vanished.

Now fate has brought us back together, and despite Sophie's adamant denials, I know exactly what my feisty princess needs: a Daddy's firm hand and a lover's knowing touch. And I plan to give her plenty of both, until she agrees to take her rightful place by my side.

She’s determined to refuse me and I agree, she’s not the same girl I once knew, but I’m not the same man, either. I've transformed from a dangerous enforcer for my father, to a calm, commanding alpha.

It isn't long, though, before I realize it isn't only my heart on the line if I can't convince Sophie to trust me.

It's my Pennsylvania Princess who will pay the price.

Series by Rogue London