If the sparks between them were any indication, the bedroom might see some fireworks tonight as well.

If the sparks between them were any indication, the bedroom might see some fireworks tonight as well.

Mark flipped open the pizza box and handed Stan some napkins and an ice cold beer can as the first booms sounded, indicating the beginning of the fireworks show. Pleased to see that some coordination had gone into the planning, Mark took a slice from the box and settled in the chair between Stan and Gina.

He still remembered the years when there would be one firework and then, after a pause that made him wonder if that was all there was, there would be another. This show was much better. Not like what they could do in Columbus, but still pretty good for a place the size of Peaceful. It lasted less than half an hour, but the big finish with rockets in more colors than he thought possible going off all at once was worth it.

Turning in the rickety chair, he grabbed Stan by the collar of his shirt and kissed him until they both were breathless. Still smiling, he rose and crooked his index finger at Gina. After kissing her with all the invitation he could put into his actions, he mumbled against her lips, “Shall we go inside and get better acquainted?” The only answers he received were mumbled agreements as the three attempted to stay attached to one another as they headed inside.

Stumbling through the door that separated the rooftop garden from the small apartment, they were already pulling off items of clothing, leaving a trail behind them. Mark helped Stan pull off his T-shirt, while Gina slid to the floor and attacked Mark’s belt and fly.

“Whoa, spitfire, slow down. We have all night to get to know each other more intimately.” Mark stilled her fumbling fingers by placing his hand flat over them. “We’re two men and one woman. I don’t want to overwhelm you and force you into something you don’t wanna do.”

“You want to talk. Now?” Gina tipped back her head and glared up at him. “I’m a big girl. I know how to say no. Do I look like a woman who’s forced into something she doesn’t want? I fucking want you—both of you. After all the teasing and the buildup I’m about to snap.”

During her rant, Stan caught Mark’s eye and cocked his head. Mark gave an almost imperceptible nod, but it was enough for Stan. His friend fisted Gina’s hair and forced her head back. “Did we talk about your swearing?”

She tried to nod, discovered she couldn’t, and growled, “Yes, you both bitched about it.”

Stan’s grip tightened. “I think you know the correct answer.”

“Yes, Sir. We talked about it. I’m sorry.”

Mark moved closer. “You don’t sound sorry, does she, stud?”

“No, she doesn’t.”

Despite Stan’s hold on her, Gina turned her face toward Mark. “Please, Sir. I’m sorry.”

If Mark was being honest with himself, and he strived to be, he was impatient for their lovemaking as well. If the sparks between them were any indication, the bedroom might see some fireworks tonight as well. Mark thought it only fitting for Independence Day. “Ask permission to touch me, spitfire,” Mark ordered hoarsely.

“Please, Sir. May I suck your cock?”

Damn, his knees almost buckled. “No, minx, you do not have permission to touch me with your mouth.” Mark grinned at her little pout. “But you may take my cock from my jeans and give it some freedom.” She didn’t wait for further instruction, and Mark almost groaned in relief when the constricting denim loosened. “Now do the same for Stan. Remember, only free him—no tricks!”

With interest he watched as she peeled open Stan’s fly and lowered his boxers enough to showcase a proudly erect cock, jutting from short brownish-red curls.

Mark’s attention slid from the glorious erection to the woman kneeling between them.

All the defiance left her eyes now, and all he could see was carnal need and raw desire—for both of them.

“Touch us. Both of us.”

Leaving her right hand wrapped around Stan’s cock, Gina boldly curled her left hand around his shaft, and stroked once up, lingered at the head to gather some moisture, and firmly down.

With all the anticipation and teasing during the day, her touch came as a shock and a relief, and Mark hoped he wouldn’t embarrass himself by shooting his load as soon as she took him in her mouth. “You’re so beautiful.”

He stroked her hair and made eye contact with Stan. “So are you.” Mark curled his hand around Stan’s nape and pulled him forward for a deep kiss. A hint of beer and pizza, and then Stan’s flavor exploded on Mark’s tongue as he took the kiss deeper. Tongues dueling and breaths mingling, their mouths devoured each other while Gina kept up the stroking. Again, Mark reveled in Stan’s masculine strength and the moments the man dominated the kiss before surrendering control over their connection. To keep his grip on the scene and his body, Mark ended the kiss with a playful tug to Stan’s bottom lip and grinned when the man shuddered and moaned.

“Oh, man, her hand is so soft and yet so strong,” Stan’s voice was hoarse, and his head fell back before he echoed Mark’s thoughts, “I’m not sure if I can control myself if she uses her mouth on me.”

“Me neither. Let’s take care of our spitfire first.” Mark grabbed Gina under her arms and lifted her from the floor. “Up you come.”

Gina jumped and wrapped her arms and legs around Mark’s solid body as he carried her effortlessly to the bed. Using her elbows and heels, she scuttled back on the mattress. Mark followed her on hands and knees, looming over her but not touching. Gina opened her mouth to demand more, when his mouth descended on hers. In a delicious technique, his kiss silenced her but she wasn’t helpless. Writhing with pleasure, she moved her hands over his chest and pecs to his hips, where she gripped his jeans and started to tug them down. Fingers skimmed down her arm, and Stan gripped her wrists. Gina growled in the back of her throat. For the second time tonight, a man blocked her from taking what she wanted.

Before she could work herself up, Mark angled his head and turned the kiss hotter and deeper. Her ability to think evaporated. Distantly, she noticed how Stan moved beside her and moved her arms above her head.

Mark broke their kiss with a sexy, growly moan from deep in his throat and moved to the side, making more room for Stan. The massive bed was large enough to easily hold all three of them, but in her sex-fogged mind Gina wouldn’t have cared if it was a single. She wanted these men, and from the state of their cocks, they wanted her. The kiss Mark and Stan shared had been hot as well. Would the men make love, too?

Stan distracted her from her thoughts by planting little kisses, nibbles and bites along the line of her neck to her shoulder and her collarbone. The direction of his ministrations made her shiver. When Mark on her other side mirrored Stan’s lovemaking, Gina arched her back and struggled against Stan’s hold on her arms.

“Let me help you with that, stud.” The mattress dipped and bobbed and Mark’s heat left her side. Before she could protest, Mark was back and wrapping fleece-lined cuffs around her wrists. With practiced ease, he fastened each of her wrists to the bedposts with the chains attached there already.

Mark kissed the pout from her mouth and grinned against her lips. “Just relax and let us have our wicked way with you.”

That sounded like something Gina could get on board with and she allowed the mattress to carry more of her weight.

“Good girl.” Appreciation and lust dripped from Stan’s voice, and both men crowded closer. Surrounded by them and rendered helpless by the bindings, Gina let go of the last bit of tension and resistance, knowing the mattress would hold her up and these men would never let her down. When Mark and Stan moved, they started slowly. They savored every moment and paid attention to every single spot that elicited a shiver or a moan from her. They never spoke, but in some uncanny manner Mark and Stan were perfectly in sync as they kissed, nibbled and sucked, driving her out of her mind.

As Stan played with her breasts and teased her nipples until she felt she might explode, Mark kissed his way down her body. Her legs trembled as she realized his destination. The realization and being the focus of two virile men increased her already frantic heartbeat and her breathing turned ragged. Was it possible to have a heart attack from too much pleasure?

She had four hands and two mouths on her—and two cocks. Don’t forget about the cocks, dummy. And she had absolutely no control. The thought scared and heated her. Arousal already moistened her entrance and thighs, and she squirmed. Mark nipped her hip in reprimand and she pressed her butt down to keep still. An approving rumble and a swipe of his tongue over her slit were her rewards. The slickness between her thighs increased. Mark used his broad shoulders to move her legs apart and deliberately brushed his beard-stubbled chin on the top of her mound.

As if Stan wanted to remind her she had two men to please her, he sucked her left nipple in his mouth with long hard pulls and rolled her right peak between his thumb and forefinger. His forceful touch bordered on pain, and it made her even hotter.

Mark blew hot air over her pussy and mumbled. “Keep doing that, she’s creaming all over my hand.”

Humming contently around her breast, Stan sucked harder. The control and attention they laved onto her made the bed drop from under her, but she was floating and didn’t mind.

Stan’s face appeared before her vision, and he clasped his hands around her face, his gaze boring into hers. “Come for us, Gina. Show us your pleasure.”

Her muscles locked as the climax took over her body. Every fiber caught fire like tinder to a lit match. As she teetered on the edge of that mind-blowing moment where everything faded and lost its importance, she experienced something akin to panic, because they might be touching her body, but this connection might alter her soul.

Spent from hours of love making with Gina and Mark, Stan watched a gloriously naked Mark return from the bathroom. The man didn’t have an ounce of self-consciousness, and why should he? Not only gorgeous but loving and generous, Mark was everything someone could want in a lover. Stan’s gaze slid to the woman snuggled beside him. Her flaming red hair sex-mushed and her eyes heavy with sleep, she managed to look beautiful and adorable. She amazed Stan in her generosity and courage.

Even though he’d never considered a relation with a man and a woman before, Stan decided this arrangement worked for him—for them!

Mark turned off the light and mere seconds later the bed dipped and rocked as he joined Stan and Gina in the bed. After some arranging of arms and legs, they found a position with Mark facing Gina and Stan nestling against her from behind.

His eyes slowly adjusted to the darkened room, and he listened to first Gina’s and then Mark’s breathing change. Stan lay awake long after Gina and Mark had fallen asleep. Spooning Gina from behind, his cock nestled between her butt cheeks and rested against the plug.

“Tonight you’ll sleep with a small plug, spitfire,” Mark said before ordering Gina to turn around and bend over. He continued with the statement, “Over the next couple of days, I will increase the size until you’re ready for a cock.”

Stan’s cock twitched with the memory and the anticipation. How would it feel to have Gina sandwiched between them?

Stan wiggled his head to a more comfortable position. Mark’s long arm lay beneath the pillow and supported both Gina’s and Stan’s necks. Snuggled together like this, he could relate to cats. Stan couldn’t remember another time he was as comfortable and content as he was now.

Closing his eyes, Stan allowed sleep to take over and he drifted off.