Help Maren

Help Maren

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Not all superheroes wear capes — Superman

Author Spotlight: Maren Smith

I don’t do this often but today I’m asking help for a friend.

Maren Smith, author and publisher, is my superhero. She's a relentless advocate for erotic romance authors, a great mentor, and a good friend. But even superheroes get tired, fall ill, and need help.

Maren has not been well for some time and just had major surgery. However, she doesn’t have medical insurance to cover the bills.

You can help her by
 reading and reviewing her books.

If you can afford it, please buy one or more books by Maren to support her and help her cover her medical expenses. If you've read her books, please leave her a few words and a rating, so other readers might find her books, and share this post to reach more readers.

About Maren Smith

Maren lives with her Daddy Dom in Utah. She's a Little, coffee fanatic, former long-term administrator at two of her local BDSM dungeons. 

Maren Smith is an International and USA Bestselling Author several times over, has penned more than 160 novels, novellas and short stories, and is the author of the Masters of the Castle and Daddy’s Little series.

You can also find books by her under the following pen names:

Darla Phelps is the name she uses for all her age play/pet play fantasy novels.

Denise Hall is a pen name for stories that are harder core (or at least, harder than the romance books under her other pen names).

Penny Alley is what she publishes her paranormal, dark fantasy and urban fantasy romances under. You might fight spanking threats, a smack or two delivered during sex, and very dominant Alpha men in these books, but you will not find spankings.

Books and series

With over 160 novels, novellas and short stories it is virtually impossible to list all her books. So, here's a selection.

Popular books by Maren Smith

Black Light: Brave

Kaylee's Keeper

Sadie's Little Christmas

Her Vampire Master

Popular books by Darla Phelps

Daddy's Girl

Pets Three Pack

Popular books by Denise Hall

Judgment 2: Mercy

A Brief Education

Popular books by Penny Alley

Demon Seduction

Incubus Moon

Popular Series by Maren Smith and other authors

Masters of the Castle

Midnight Doms

Wild Mustang Security Firm

Daddy’s Little

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