Meet Unicorn Author

Meet Unicorn Author

Vanessa Brooks!

Vanessa began her writing career in historical romance & western romance. She branched out into contemporary romance and her latest release crossed over successfully into

Science-fiction romance.


No man had ever laid hands on her. Now she belongs to two of them.

There are no males in the elite city built among the clouds where Alisha was born, and until today she had never expected to set eyes on a man. But then her transport crashed, leaving her stranded on the Earth's surface.

Among men.

Read what some of the 113 reviewers are saying about

Their Possession:

“This is a futuristic, steamy, discipline filled, menage. It is a combination of science fiction and steam, and the two work together throughout the whole book to keep the reader captivated.”

“This has been a wonderful read from start to finish and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed every single moment of this amazing book!”

“This book is a delight from beginning to end. The fast-moving sci fi plot and copious amounts of sex and spanks are well balanced and integrated and both are integral to the story. The book left me both satisfied and fizzing with anticipation at the prospect of re-joining this well-drawn world in future books. More please!”

“Wow what an absolutely brilliant and wonderful story this is!!!! Vanessa has really gone out of her box with this story, and it’s paid off, so much that I’m really hoping that she will do a follow through on this.”

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Ailsa, a woman scarred by the brutality of men, knowing peace only in the depths of the forest. Thorolf, a cunning warrior, as fierce as the wolves Ailsa adores. Enemies bound by marriage; their attraction undeniable. Can her Viking husband mend Ailsa’s wounded heart?

A horde of battle-hardened, ferocious Nordic warriors.

A Pictish village at the mercy of its enemies.

Delivered into Viking hands, claimed and conquered, each bride must accept that she belongs to her new master. But, as wedding nights bring surrender to duty, will fierce lovers also surrender their hearts?

Thorolf: A Viking Warrior Romance

Cowboy Caveat

On a family ranch in Texas during the late 1800s, two cowboy husbands have their hands full when one of their womenfolk, full of a desire for vengeance, takes the law into her own hands. Amy Campbell has reached her nineteenth year and is about to embark on a marriage to the handsome and charismatic Ethan Walker. Ethan has been a rock for Amy from the moment her parents are murdered as a child, and Amy's world is no longer the safe and happy place it seemed before tragedy struck.

Cowboy Caveat

Masterful Husbands Tame Their Wives

Four dominant Lords of the aristocracy.

Men who decide to take a wife.

Naughty ladies getting up to wicked deeds, they pay the price across their new husbands' sturdy thighs.

Does this daunt their womanly ardour or their zest for life? Never! Be warned - these steamy tales include heavy doses of old fashioned discipline!!!

*** Includes His Colonial Rose, Sir Thomas's Bride, The Colonel's Bride, Viscount Weston's Bride and The Smuggler's Bride ***

5 Full-length books 700 pages:

ONLY $4.77

Masterful Husbands

The Laird's Bride

Final book in the Masterful Husbands series:

Sassenachs stole his bride - now he wants her back...

Logan has managed to keep together what is left of his Clan after the Scottish defeat at Culloden, but at what cost? His wife is taken from him as a hostage, but now he wants his beloved wife returned to him. The last thing he needed or expected was to find the woman he loves accused of murder.

The Laird's Bride

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