The Secret - A Thorns and Roses Bonus Scene

The Secret - A Thorns and Roses Bonus Scene

Maribel squeaked and scowled at Eli. “That hurts.”

“Does it now.” Eli didn’t phrase the sentence as a question and raked his half-lidded eyes with appreciation over her body.

He checked the snug fit of her wrist and ankle cuffs and flicked the nipple clamps he’d just put on her with a gleeful expression on his face.


His gaze never left her.

She loved how he had only eyes for her. God knew there was a lot to see in Thorns and Roses. Willing women, who were more gorgeous than she was, but Eli had chosen her.

Over two years ago, Maribel wandered into the private BDSM club not sure if she would like the lifestyle. She took to it like a duck took to the water, and it had everything to do with the tall, dark, and tattooed club owner. Master Eli was everything she could have wished for in a man, a husband, and a Dom.

If only he would take off those nasty clamps.

A large hand collared her throat- not cutting off her air supply but snatching her back to the scene and to the man who dominated every aspect of her life.

Their gazes met. He held her captivated. His personality rather than the BDSM trappings tied her to the moment. Sure, she was bound, but she had her safewords. Maribel didn’t want to use them.

The hand around her throat flexed, and she stared up into his hard face.

His mouth crashed down on hers in an almost violent meshing of flesh, tongue, and teeth. Maribel moaned and parted her lips, answering his sensual assault with the same voracity.

She tried to pull him against her, and the cuffs made her realize she was tied to one of the chain stations in the play area.

Heat gathered in her lower belly, and her breasts throbbed with the beat of her pulse.

Cool air wafted over her skin when Eli stepped back.

“Now, baby girl, let’s find out what you’ve been hiding from your Daddy.”

* * *

Eli circled around his bound wife and submissive and considered his options.

His little brat got off on exhibition– check, bondage– check, and Domination– check. She was also genius-level smart and sometimes sneaky. She kept him on his toes and had pierced his numb existence from the moment she entered his club, dressed in a cute blue minidress with a demented reindeer on the front. He’d felt an instant attraction and it had grown with each interaction he had with her that night and every moment thereafter.

However, a relationship- especially one in the lifestyle- was based on trust and communication. He had her trust. She trusted him to keep her safe and to never harm her, or abandon her. It was a trust he treasured, especially since she didn’t have a stellar upbringing.

The communication part or the lack thereof had him worried.

Stroking her arms, he checked her hands and fingers. He was always careful about circulation. There was no blueness, and her fingers were warm to the touch.

She tried to arch into his strokes, but with her legs held wide apart by the spreader bar and her hands secured above her head, she had no leverage.

Eli bit her earlobe and sucked. Maribel’s hips jerked. Fuck, he loved how responsive she was. “Are you going to talk?”

Of course, the stubborn wench kept silent.

“Don’t worry, Babygirl, you’re going to sing like a little bird tonight and everyone in this club will see how you please your Daddy. But for that to happen, I need to drive you out of your mind.” He leaned closer and whispered in her ear. “Don’t worry, I know exactly how to accomplish that. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

Chuckling he went for his bag, retrieving his magic wand, bondage tape, a heavy suede flogger, a medium size buttplug, and the lube applicator.

When he returned, Maribel’s eyes were focused on him. His dick- already hard from the moment he touched her- seemed to pulse with his heartbeat. He ignored the fucker, and turned his attention to the lush woman, bound and naked before him.

By the time he had her lubed, plugged, and used the bondage tape to secure the vibrator against her clit, she was already squirming.

“Is my Babygirl ready to talk?”

She shook her head.

“No problem.” Fiddling with the settings on the magic wand, he set the device to a setting to arouse her but too erratic to get her off fast. Eli shook out his flogger and circled around Maribel, starting a slow figure-eight pattern. Neither of them was into the hardcore SM stuff, but a little pain did heighten the pleasure.

Her fingers flexed and her toes curled. She was close.

Eli shut off the vibrator. She moaned.

“What are you hiding from me?”

She shook her head.

Stubborn little Minx.

“You know I won’t let you come until you tell me.” Eli lubed up his cock and positioned behind her. Before he gripped her hips, he adjusted the settings on the wand for the second time. He pulled out the buttplug and replaced it with the head of his cock.

Maribel tried to push back, and he slapped her ass. “My rules, my pace.”

“Daa-diieee,” she whined.

Eli gave an inch of his length.

A shudder went through her.

He fed more of his cock into the tight ring of muscles.

She moaned. “Please, Daddy.”

He pushed in the last inch and waited with his thigh pressed against the back of her legs. His cock pulsed, but he didn’t move.

“All right. All right. I’m pregnant, okay?”

Her words nearly sent him over the edge. It was hotter than her snug ass gripping his cock. He pulled de magic wand off and replaced the bulbous head with his fingers. As he cocked his hips and worked his length in her ass with hard thrusts, he strummed the bundle of nerves, until her entire body tightened. Eli pressed his upper body against her sweat-streaked back. “Come for me, Little Momma.”

Her screams were still reverberating against the wall when Eli release Maribel from her bonds and lifted her in his arms. “A baby, hmm?”

She tipped her head back and beamed at him. “Isn’t it wonderful?” Her eyes sparkled with brightness. “We’re going to be parents!”

Eli hugged her to him. “This news is as wonderful as hearing you say, ‘I do.’ I love you Maribel Moses-Morrison.

“And I love you, Daddy.” Her arms around his neck tightened.

Daddy! The word now carried a double meaning and tasted even sweeter.


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